Dear visitor ,

welcome on the website of Patrick HOUBEN (°1965 in GENK) .

At the age of 16 I first got infected by the helmetvirus !

In 1989 I did my military service as a nurse at the burn unit of the military hospital of NEDER-OVER-HEEMBEEK (BRUSSELS) where I also joined the doctors ambulance car .
From 1990 until 1999 I worked as a nurse on the emergency care unit (with ambulances and doctors ambulance car) of the hospital ” Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg campus Sint-Jan ” in GENK-BELGIUM.
Since 1999 I am a head-nurse .

As instructor in first aid , C.P.R. and burns , for instance at the fire and ambulance academy of our county , I still pass through my experiences .

My collection actually counts (february 2012) 300 different old,historic and new,actual representative types of fire helmets from 97 countries worldwide .

If you could be of any help , in whatever way , to let me complete or enlarge my collection , please do not hesitate and contact me on my e-mailadress .

I would be very pleased ,



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